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Pre-registration closed. NSB9 wristbands will be $35 at event check-in,


RSVP on Facebook to receive updates and reminders:


NSB9 Event schedule:


12PM: Early check in begins and free camping area opens

9PM: Carpool from Sunny Sands to Naked Bowling Party @ Sunshine Bowling Center (12 miles from Sunny Sands) or meet us there:595 E International Speedway Blvd, DeLand, Florida 32724

9:30pm-1am: NAKED COSMIC BOWL: 3 hours of unlimited glow bowling $20 (cash only if you did not pay online and we have space left) See Sirena to sign up, space is limited to 100 people. Arrival time is 9-9:30, please call the alley to be let in if arriving after 9:30. Doors will be locked and windows covered by 9:30.

Sunny Sands pool, hot tub, showers, restrooms open 24 hours


Bare affair cafe open 9am-8pm

1-2PM: Creative Writing with Jonathan, Sunshine Room

2-3PM: Hoop Basics with Morgan, Distractionville/Flowspace The basics of hula hooping and discovering your flow with a hoop.


3PM-Sunset: Iamanudist Photo Project with Anthony and Maybel,The Ridge

Capturing personalities, not full bodies - the goal is that these images might be useful to help nudge the normalization of social nudity in popular culture.

3-4PM: The Basics of Juggling with Michael, Distractionville/ Flow Space

Anyone can juggle, This juggling workshop will prove it! Michael and Jon will teach you the basics of juggling- starting with the classic 3 ball cascade pattern and into more advanced tricks like shower, columns, passing and clubs. No prior experience is necessary and juggling balls will be supplied.

4-5pm: Yoga Dance with Tyger Lillie, Distractionville/Flowspace

A releasing workshop in which teacher and yogis shed clothing. As we shed our "skin" we blossom into our authentic self, our naked self. With a transformative approach, Tyger Lillie will lead the participants through a journey of asanas, pranayama, and dance, to let go of factors restricting them and to free their true self.

4:30-5:30PM: "The Fool's Journey" with Many Deer, The Oak

Beginner's Tarot Workshop. Come join us for a voyage of magical discovery! Follow the Fool on his amazing journey through the Major Arcana- meeting the entire cast of characters along the way. This program is designed for everyone, and offers a memorable, hands-on approach to learning Tarot.

5-6PM: Body Paint with Kitty, Poolside Body Paint Tent

Learn different techniques to body painting including camouflage, tribal patterns, floral, special effects, full body coverage, black light tips and tricks and, of course, glitter!! For beginners through intermediate.

5-7PM: LIVE MUSIC BY INTERCOASTAL SWELL, Distractionville/Flowspace

6-7PM: The Four Agreements with Liz, The Sunshine Room Based on ancient Toltec wisdom- we will uncover the source of self limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. We'll explore the code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

6-7PM: Meditation with Raul, The Oak

Basic Meditation that will answer the questions you need answered to get you started on your path.

No experience necessary .

7PM-8PM: Tantra for Daily Life with Guy and Lauren, Sunshine Room

Tantra is an ancient art to help bring mindfulness to the body and it's energy patterns. Come learn about your chakras, and pick up a few breathing, sounding, and meditation techniques to bring more awareness and aliveness into your body


SUNSET: UV Body Paint Tent opens

8-9PM: Double Staff Basics with Gio, Fire Ring

Learn the basics of double staff techniques. This hands-on fire class will go over reels, anti-spins, extensions and more. Learn how to follow basic concepts and find your flow.

10PM-1AM: DRUMMING AND DANCING CIRCLE, FIRE RING: Bring instruments, flow toys, voices and dancing feet!

9PM-12AM: KARAOKE with Jon and Tracey, THE SUNSHINE ROOM


Sunny Sands pool, hot tub, showers, restrooms open 24 hours


Bare affair cafe open 9am-8pm

9-10:30AM: Sivananda Yoga with Amy, The Sunshine Room

This is a classical 90 minute practice in which we will stretch, strengthen, and relax all of the body's system. We will move at an easy pace and variations will be offered, making this practice comfortable for everyone. A few mats will be available to borrow. Please bring a mat if you have one.

10:30-11AM: Meditation with Tiffany, The Sunshine Room

An in depth guided meditation with focused breathing and visualization. Effortless, enjoyable, and full of health benefits such as relaxation, inspiration, and inner peace.

11AM-12PM: Partner Massage Basics with Raul, Distractionville/Flowspace. Please bring your own lotion or oil.

11AM-12PM: Didgeridoo with Jake, Fire Ring

The didgeridoo is an ancient wind instrument of Australia used in both group ceremony and sound healing. Jake, a professional didge crafter, will be bringing plenty of practice didgeridoos

12-1PM: Tie-Dye with Daniel, The Ridge

Supplies provided, bring some supplies to donate if you’d like and bring something white to dye!

12:30-1PM: Spring Organic Vegetable Gardening with Guerry, the Oak

Learn how to improve your soil and your yields, we'll discuss Basil to Zucchini for your Florida garden

1-2PM: Chest Hooping with Kat, Distractionville/FlowSpace

Hula-Hooping specifying on “chest hooping”. Chest hooping involves using '’Breaks'’ and '’Paddles’' to majestically gain control of the hoop's direction and speed.

1-2:30PM: Mindful Communication for Singles & Couples with Guy and Lauren, The Oak

Want to know what goes on in the minds of people you're attracted to? Curious about polarity and desire and what attracts you to a mate? And how do you communicate once you do have a partner? Join us for a discussion and Q&A on communication and polarity -- for singles or couples -- and a communication game or two.

2:30-3:30PM: Connection Building with Yoga led by Tiffany, The Sunshine Room

Learn to deepen your yoga poses and connections with others. Partner Yoga invites openness, patience, communication, and balance into your yoga practice and relationships. You and your partner will help each other to relax physical, mental, and emotional tensions. No previous yoga experience or partner is necessary; bring a friend, a loved one, a sibling, a neighbor, or yourself! Level: All


3-Sunset: Iamanudist Photo Project with Anthony and Maybel,The Ridge

Capturing personalities, not full bodies - the goal is that these images might be useful to help nudge the normalization of social nudity in popular culture.

3:30-4:30PM: Throat Singing with Wilkie, Distractionville/FlowSpace

A guided explanation on how to use vocal overtones to heal ourselves and others. Followed by an interactive group toning, involving OM and other spiritual sounds. The result will bring a profoundly enjoyable healing meditation.

3:30-4:30PM: Nude Rights with Martin, Sunshine Room

We all know nudity is liberating and healthy. But do our lawmakers? Come learn about your rights and how to protect them.

4-4:45PM: Tarot for your Daily Life with Amy, The Oak

Tarot is an excellent way to connect with our higher minds to discover insights that can be tremendously helpful in making decisions and finding inner peace and alignment. In this workshop, we will cover an overview of the Rider-Waite style of Tarot cards. Participants will deepen their understanding of the cards' meanings and practice using the tarot to answer questions you may have in navigating through your days. A few loaner decks will be available for practice. Please bring your own, if possible.

4:50PM: Group Photo Poolside. Let's make this the biggest FYN group photo yet!

5-6PM: Life Art with Mary Beth, Sunshine Room

Figure drawing class for all. Be a model, an artist, or both! Bring your own sketching materials.

5:30-6:30PM: World Rhythms with Justin, Fire Ring

An all skill level inclusive exploration of music and culture from around the globe.


6-7PM: Principals of Off-Grid Living with Josh, The Oak

Discussing the basics for living off the grid: Heating & Cooling, Solar Power, Food Production, and Community. Raise your personal wellness and freedom through focusing on resource management.

6-7:30PM: Authentic Relating Games with Anthony and Maybel, The Sunshine Room

How we communicate shapes our world. Authentic Relating Games are a collection of led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. Maybel and Anthony will challenge you to listen and reflect in real time and to become self-aware within connection. Players walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make their lives better.


7:30-8:30PM: Tantra - The Art of Loving Touch with Guy and Lauren, The Sunshine Room

From a hug to a handshake, touch is one of the primary ways we connect as human beings. In this hands-on class we will explore the many modalities of touch and the 7 levels of depth, speed, pressure. Learn how you like to be touched and how to communicate that to others by making offers and requests. *Student exercises will be limited to touching hands and forearms. No partner required.


8-9PM: Fire Jam with Gio, Fire Ring

9:30PM-1AM: DRUMMING AND DANCING CIRCLE, FIRE RING: Bring instruments, flow toys, voices and dancing feet!

Sunny Sands pool, hot tub, showers, restrooms open 24 hours


Bare affair cafe open 9am-8pm

9-10AM: Nature Walk with Pullen, Meet at the Oak

Walk around the perimeter of Sunny sands. Identify native and exotic plants and some of the medicinal, healing, and daily use of some of these plants

10AM: Optional carpool to Playalinda Nude Beach. Meet at the fire ring at 9:45am to discuss carpooling

10-11AM: Yin Yoga With Tiffany, Sunshine Room

A slow, deep stretching experience where each pose is held for longer periods (up to 5 min.) to promote deep release and healing. A true physical/mental meditation. Level: All

11AM-12PM: Meditation with Lucy, Flow Space

Lucy guides us in finding a center with love, nurturing, and kindness.

12-12:30PM: Yoga For Intimacy with Niecey, Sunshine Room

A guide to help students connect mentally and physically. It is an educational program founded on alignment-based Yoga, Taoism, and health science research. This 35m seminar will teach students effective Yoga practices for increasing pleasure and partnership. Please bring Yoga Mat, Towel and Water. Nude, Topless, or Swimsuits are acceptable.

12:30-1PM: Foundations of Naked Yoga with Niecey, Sunshine Room

An all-levels body positive Vinyasa Yoga class. Students will visit poses that lead to strength and confidence building. Please bring Yoga Mat, Towel and Water. Nude, Topless, or Swimsuits are acceptable.

Sunny Sands pool, hot tub, showers, restrooms open 24 hours



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