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Join FYN - Florida Young Naturists August 15-18th, 2019 as we celebrate our 11th Annual Naked End of Summer Bash: ESB11 BECOMES NOODSTOCK at Lake Como!




Scheduled for Aug. 15, 16 & 17, 1969 and spilling into Aug. 18th - Woodstock became the music and art event that changed the world. The music and culture (including social nudity) that we experience at the FYN Bash events today can be traced back to the influence of the late 60's and early 70's. Join FYN on this special weekend as we celebrate music and body freedom - 50 years after Woodstock took place.



THURS 8/15:

12PM: Earlybird check in begins, Office / FYN event camping area opens, North Grove

9PM: Carpool Meetup for Bowling, North Grove Stage

10PM: Naked Glow Bowl Party #9, Pinarama Bowling Center, Tampa

Private Party for FYN members and event attendees. Please arrive 10-10:30. Doors lock at 11 and party becomes clothes-free. $20 cash cover whether you bowl or not. Includes shoe rental and unlimited bowling from 11pm-2am. Food and bar will be open.

Lake Como’s pool, hot tub, showers, sauna and Rec. Hall open 24 hours

FRI. 8/16:

9-10am: Yoga Lifehacks 101 with Anna - Butt Hutt Deck, Lakeside

This workshop will give participants some spiritual tools to take into the weekend to enhance the experience. We will be learning some basic asanas, two breathing techniques, and a mantra that will allow us to shine and enjoy all that the weekend has to offer.

10-11am: Dating and Nudism with Sam and Aleah - Rec. Hall

The exact magic formula for finding the nudist of your dreams or... at least an attempt to tackle the complexity of dating as a nudist in this digital world. A fun interactive guided discussion.

10-11am: Intro to Poi with Wilkie - Flow Area, North Grove

This class will be building on the basic “weave” technique that many have learned at previous events. Turning, reversing, and dancing with the poi. Practice props provided.

11a-12p: How to get what you want by giving up with Knobody - Incredibus, North Grove

Join us as we simply learn to give up- not just material things, but old trauma, beliefs, and conditioned ideas that your life has to be the way it is. Learn different techniques to let go and how to manage the chaos. You might be surprised what you are left with. Join us in a clearing ritual, and leave enlightened after letting go of what’s been holding us down.

12-1pm: Friendship Bracelets with Michele - Rec. Hall

Learn how to make different styles of friendship bracelets and make one to bring with you.

1-2pm: Nudist History 101 with Sam and Aleah - Rec. Hall

A brief journey about nudism, how and why it started, how it evolved, how it reached America, etc. "In this bright future, you can't forget your past" - Bob Marley.

1-2pm: Didge with Jake - Flow Area, North Grove

The didgeridoo is an ancient wind instrument of Australia, used in both group ceremony and sound healing. Jake, a professional didge crafter, will be bringing plenty of practice didgeridoos

2-3pm: Hoop Basics with Kat - Flow Area, North Grove

An introduction to Hula-Hooping, focusing on chest hooping. Chest hooping involves using "breaks" and "paddles" to majestically gain control of the hoop's direction and speed.

3-4pm: Get Rooted (Yoga) with GypsieKay - Flow Area, North Grove

Find groundedness and connection to one's own primal nature as we root ourselves into the earth for a gentle yoga flow that focuses on the first three lower chakras, which relate to survival, discipline, willpower, confidence, and connection to the self and others. This establishes a strong foundation for the spiritual journey, ensuring that our physical and emotional needs are met and balanced.

4-5pm: Hug workshop with Knobody - Incredibus, North Grove

Sadly, too many people do not get enough hugs. In this workshop, you will learn how to give a “Heart hug” (with permission) and learn about the mental and spiritual effects that hugs have on us. Come ready to be appropriately touched from the heart or sit back and learn skills of communication, boundaries, asking for what you want, and saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with clarity and kindness. We welcome you to create an atmosphere of respect, and remain available for questions and support. Hugs have become an artificial form of greetings in today’s society, so please come in and connect from the heart.

5-6pm: Headband, painting and necklace meet and greet with Haley - Art Tent, North Grove

Come meet some new friends and make a hippie necklace or a headband!

8p-12am: UV Bodypainting - Art Tent

Come glow under the black lights and decorate your epidermis with washable UV paints!



6-8pm: VOWLS



Lake Como’s pool, hot tub, showers, sauna and Rec. Hall open 24 hours

SAT. 8/17:

8:30-9:30am: Guided Chakra Meditation and Reiki Bath with Anna - Butt Hutt Deck, Lakeside

Blending together color visualization and auto-suggestion, we will go on a journey within to cleanse, heal, and grow into who we are becoming. Participants will be led on a journey through their own energetic system, uncovering what gifts each chakra (energy center) holds for us as humans, if we so choose to claim them.

9:30-11am: Galactivating Sound Journey Meditation with Zac - Rec. Hall

Come get transported through different dimensions in this cosmic journey of sacred sounds. Using Instruments from around the world this experience is designed to activate your cosmic consciousness and help align you with the divine mission you came here to fulfill.

11a-12p: Pineapple Crown Crafting with Kat - Art Tent, North Grove

Come make a pineapple crown out of repurposed materials!

12-1pm: Recycled Canvas Art with Alethea - Art Tent, North Grove

Participants will be re-using a variety of different materials as canvas for painting.

1-3pm: Non-stop Flow Shop with Wilkie, Kat and crew

Some flow props provided, or bring your own

1-2pm: Sun Prints with Michael - Meet at fire pit to decide location

Sun printing is one of the oldest photo printing methods. Participants will use the power of the sun to make images and silhouettes. Bring objects or digital images of your choosing.

2-3pm: Homemade Milk Alternatives with GypsieKay - Rec. Hall

Are you tired of spending so much money on milk alternatives, which are still filled with preservatives, chemicals and other unnatural additives? Do you want the comfort of knowing exactly what you're consuming, with the satisfaction of handmade love? Join us as I show you a few simple milk alternative recipes. I will provide a variety of nuts and grains to make our milk with, and everyone will receive a sample! If you have a specific type of non dairy milk you prefer, feel free to bring your own base to make a batch from.

3-4pm: Throat Singing with Wilkie - Rec. Hall

A guided explanation on how to use vocal overtones to heal ourselves and others. Followed by an interactive group toning, involving OM and other spiritual sounds. The result will bring a profoundly enjoyable healing meditation.

4-5pm: Figure Drawing with Michael - Rec. Hall

Embrace the inner FYN artist inside you. Draw what makes FYN Bashes so great… each other. Drawing materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

5-6pm: Portal Through the Heart (Yoga) with GypsieKay - Meet at Fire Pit, walk to The Beach

Tap into the heart center, and unlock the boundless love of creation that connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras. We will focus on gentle chest openers and backbends, while incorporating the six movements of the spine, thus preparing the body, mind, and heart for contact with inner spirit. Expect potential emotional release and healing as we break beyond fear barriers, finding acceptance and peace through pure cosmic Love energy.

8p-12am: UV Bodypainting - Art Tent

Come glow under the black lights and decorate your epidermis with washable UV paints!


6-7pm: RAGA



10p-12am: Drum Circle and Bonfire: Bring your instruments, flow toys and dancing feet!

Fire performances by Treasure Coast Fire Troupe and friends.

Lake Como’s pool, hot tub, showers, sauna and Rec. Hall open 24 hours

SUN. 8/18:

8:30-10am: Galactivating Sound Journey and Breathwork with Zac - Butt Hutt Deck, Lakeside

Come get transported through different dimensions in this cosmic journey of sacred sounds. Using Instruments from around the world this experience is designed to activate your cosmic consciousness and help align you with the divine mission you came here to fulfill. We will be practicing a form of breathwork that helps to remove lower vibrational blocks while I loop the sacred sounds together in this 90 minute experience. Please be on time and plan to stay til the end.

10-11am: Ecstatic Dance with Flint and Trinity - Butt Hutt Deck, Lakeside

Flint and Trinity will lead a dance journey guided by the rhythms of nature with an intentional playlist of music from world cultures both local and global. Celebrate your life journey through ecstatic movement from within. Journey inward and express outward.

11a-12p: Don’t Panic! With Knobody - Incredibus, North Grove

Just had an amazing weekend experience? Learn tips for maintaining mental stability when going back to the clothes-minded world. Focus on how to adjust back to the “real world,” and maintain a positive mental attitude with this decompression/recompression workshop.

Take with you some techniques you can use to maintain the balance long after this weekend.

12-1pm: Restorative Kundalini Activation (Yoga) with GypsieKay - Rec. Hall

Unwind and detox from yet another epic Bash with a gentle, rejuvenating session, where we sink into deep relaxation, holding comfortable poses with support for long periods of time, entering a state of serene meditation. We will focus on aligning all seven main chakras and Kundalini activation, which opens a portal within to attain Oneness with the Higher Self. Please bring an extra pillow and blanket

1-2pm: Can Luminaries with Blanche - Art Tent, North Grove

Come create! We will be transforming recycled cans into beautiful illuminated art.

2-4pm: Trash to Treasure! with Alethea - Art Tent, North Grove

Whether it's too old, too boring, too kitschy, or too whatever, it's never too late to repurpose it. Come join us as we transform what would become junk into art through paint! Bring an item that you have been on the verge of throwing out but believe could have a second chance if painted creatively. There will be paint supplies, as well as a few "junk" items for those who didn't bring anything. Collaboration is encouraged!

MON. 8/19:

12PM: FYN Camping Area Closes, North Grove


Lake Como's pool, hot tub, showers, sauna, rec. hall & restrooms will be OPEN 24 HOURS during the entire event!

♥ Cafe and bar on site, coolers are allowed in camping area.


♥ Under 18 free with parent or guardian

♥ NUDITY is required only in the pool, hot tub and showers

♥ FREE TENT CAMPING Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun nights


The Florida Young Naturists (FYN) are a community of young naturists ages 18-35. Partners over 35 are okay to purchase a wristband and camp in the event area when checking in with a partner 35 or under. FYN membership info here:


ROOMS, CABINS & RV sites HALF OFF for event attendees!

Discounted rates are as follows:

✿Sandspur, Big T & Cypress Motel Rooms (double occupancy):


✿Cabins (double occupancy, living room, kitchen, bedroom): $50/night

✿RV Sites (Including water & electric, no sewer): $15/night

Call Lake Como to reserve a room, cabin or RV site: 877-879-5253 ext. 0


50% off rentals expected to fill up quickly, mention "FYN Bash" and specify which nights you would like to reserve. 50% offer available during ESB11 only. A 11% Hospitality tax will be added to all accommodation rates.

Once sold out, rooms, cabins and RV sites will become wait list only. Tent camping is unlimited and will be included in the wristband cost.


Interested in performing, volunteering or leading a class or workshop? Email:

Membership questions? Email:


Lake Como:

FYN - Florida Young Naturists:

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